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Where the Pavement Ends

Where the Pavement Ends

October 27th - 29th

Five catered gourmet meals will be provided at the campground by Menghini Winery.

The cost includes a published field trip guidebook which will be available for sale after the trip.

We will see some fascinating but relatively obscure geology our group has not seen in over 10 years, and many have never seen.

Monte Marshall will discuss 25 years of collecting paleomagnetic data in the Coyote Mountains and Volcanic Hills. What does it tell us about this region specifically and North America in general.

Charlie Winker will speak about his work with Susan Kidwell on the Miocene-Pleistocene basin sediments. The stratigraphic nomenclature in this work, published in 1996, has been adopted by most current researchers in the area.

Retired County Geologist Charlie Lough will speak about areas of current research in the area. There are many unanswered questions that are ripe for geologic research.

There will be an optional noon-4pm hike to the Domelands on Friday. There will be evening programs in camp Friday and Saturday. A three mile round trip hike is planned for a little known side canyon east of Canyon Sin Nombre on Saturday. A short 1/2 mile hike in the gorge of the eastern Volcanic Hills will take place on Sunday. At 2pm Sunday will be a recognition ceremony at the Imperial Highway Monument.


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