San Diego Association of Geologists


Trains, Veins and Oikocrysts


October 22nd - 23rd

The geology and lore along the highways and byways of southeastern San Diego County was the focus of our 2005 field trip. The route loosely followed old U.S. Highway 80, and the San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railway, examining a variety of subjects of historical, mineralogical, petrological, hydrological, archaeological, not to mention downright trival, interest. SDAG members "camped" in Jacumba, at the Jacumba Hot Springs. Field trip stops included: the Cuyamca/Laguna Mountain Shear Zone, the western margin of the La Posta Pluton, the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum, the Motor Transport Museum, the historic Desert View Tower, and several sites "down the hill" in the Dos Cabezas area.

Goat Canyon Trestle
View "Carrizo George" Copenhaver's 2004 Presentation as a PDF, "History and Geology of the San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railroad" (71 MB)
View Chuck Houser's Jacumba water presentation (8 MB)
Desert View Tower
View Phil Farquharson's field trip preview presentation PDF, 6.6 MB)

For anyone who would like to follow the original road log as distributed on the trip, you should buy the combined guidebook for 2005 and 2006.

Or you could download it as a PDF here (about 2.7 MB), along with my cover sheet, T-shirt design, introduction, and location map.

The complete handout can be downloaded HERE (23 MB)

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