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Geology of the Elsinore Fault Zone, San Diego Region

2 Field Trips - 1 Publication

Two field trips, one publication! (once again for emphasis)

The publication is dedicated to Daryl Streiff, a renowned local Engineering Geologist.

The annual SDAG field trip was held October 25th and 26th, 2003.

The annual SCGS field trip was held January 24th and 25th, 2004.

The theme of each trip was "Hot Springs and Tourmalines of Eastern San Diego County." The SCGS field trip had to be postponed until January 2004, due to the extensive wildfires in the field trip area. We are happy to report that our caterer, Menghini Winery, was not destroyed in the Cedar Fire, although they were threatened.

Cover Layout

Two Field Trips, One Great Guidebook!

The guidebook was actually published in time for the participants to receive it as they checked in for the field trip on October 24th - apparently a first for SDAG! Copies of the guidebook are available from Sunbelt Publications in San Diego or at SDAG meetings on the third Wednesday of most months. Check out the SDAG Publications page at

Below is the modified advertising poster for the field trip:


Download this poster in Adobe Acrobat format for printing to 11x17 (tabloid) size by clicking here.

Aerial tour of the field trip area