Woods Mountains Volcanics

Rhyolitic Volcanics
Woods Mountains looking northeast
As seen from a Cessna 210 while flying from Van Nuys to The Grand Canyon in 1991.
Woods Mountains looking north
The view from near the group campground
The view from near the group campground
First look at pyroclastics
en enchelon faulting
En echelon faulting in the pyroclastics
Looking up the draw
Looking up the draw
looking up the draw
air-fall tuff
Air-fall tuff
xenoliths in an ignimbrite
Assorted xenoliths in an ash deposit
columnar jointing in an ignimbrite
Columnar Jointing in Rhyolite? Yep!
Woods Mtn Panoramic Left
(above and below) 180-degree panorama from Rustler Canyon around to Hole in the Wall
Woods Mtn. Panoramic Right
Barber Mountain
Barber Mountain, to the west of Hole in the Wall Campground