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Geology 600 Field Trip to Ojos Negros and El Alamo, B.C., Mexico

Some Quick Glimpses...

Mixed dikes
Mixed dikes to the west of the first turnout in Ojos Negros
Overview North
Overview north from the first turnout in Ojos Negros
Overview East
Overview east from the first turnout in Ojos Negros
Overview Southeast
Overview southeast from the first turnout in Ojos Negros
Base Camp
Base Camp - Its real name is 'El Campito'
Base Camp
Dike East of Camp
Dike East of Camp - It became location ON-10
Dike ON-1
The first dike we examined...ON-1
Bifurcating dikes
Bifurcating dikes - not the strongly parallel pattern seen at RSM
Intersecting Dikes
Intersecting dikes seen in the background of the picture above.
Dike ON-2
Location ON-2
ON-2 overview
ON-2 overview
ON-4 Structure
Structure measurements at ON-4
Dike to north
Dikes to north of ON-4 ridge
South from ON-4
South from ON-4 ridge
ON-6 Mafic SampleON-6 Mafic Sample
ON-6 - a mafic dike
Granitoid Dike
Granitoid Dikes cross-cut by SMDS dikes
Granitoid Dike
Dave, Gordon and Jim
Dave, Gordon and Jim
Dave and GordonBrian, Jim and John
Dave and Gordon, and Brian, Jim and John
Black Linear Thingies
Black lineations that only show up on weathered surfaces.
Weathered ON-10
Dike ON-10, immediately above (east of) camp.
Cut and jog in ON-10
Note the dilation offset from a subsequent intrusion by a mafic dike.
Panoramic from ON-10 to -12
Panoramic View from ON-12 location
Las Delicias
View north on the way out - Las Delicias?
El Alamo Dikes
El Alamo Dikes
El Alamo Mine HQ
El Alamo Mine HQ
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