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2017 Trip to Yellowknife, and beyond

revised 9 April 2018
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2006 AESE Field Trip on the Bay

Your tour guide: Dr. Monte(k) Marshall, SDSU (ret.)

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2006 SDAG Field Trip to Coyote Mountains / Volcanic Hills

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2005 SDAG Field Trip to Carrizo Gorge Area

SDAG 2004
2004 SDAG Field Trip to Joshua Tree National Park

Elsinore Fault Aerial Tour
Aerial Field Trip of the Elsinore Fault Zone in a T-34

SDAG 2003
2003 SDAG / 2004 SCGS Field Trips to The Elsinore Fault Zone

SDSU Fall 2003
Fall 2003 SDSU Field Trip to the Owens Valley Area

SDAG 2002
2002 SDAG Field Trip to Northern Baja California

Peninsular Ranges Batholith
Peninsular Ranges Batholith (PRB) Field Trip - A Day Trip

Islas Los Coronados
Extensional Tectonics Boat Trip to the Islas Los Coronados, (Coronado Islands, B.C., Mexico)

Volcanology Trip
Volcanology Trip to Cima Volcanic Field, Woods Mountain Volcanics and Pisgah Crater

Northern Baja California
Geology of Baja California Trip 1 --- Ojos Negros and El Alamo

Valle Calamajue
Geology of Baja California Trip 2 --- El Marmol and Valle Calamajue

SDAG 1998
1998 SDAG Field Trip to Geothermal Areas in Imperial County and Baja California

Peninsular Geological Society
Peninsular Geological Society Meeting in Loreto, B.C.S. - A Ten-Day Trip

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